Plinmont DOO Bitola
7000 Bitola
Republic of Macedonia

+389 (0)47 262 417
+381 (0)70 60 60 31


     Plinmont is the leading company in Republic of Macedonia in the LPG devices business with more than 10 years of experience in the area. Plinmont is the largest supplier of LPG equipment in Macedonia and offers the whole pallet of products and services with top quality, needed for conversion to a gas drive of any vehicle. Besides that, Plinmont provides a logistical support for all car services which are in the LPG devices and installation business and by its associates provides maintenance of the LPG systems across the whole territory of Macedonia.

Plinmont is distributer and authorized service for Landi Renzo which is Italian fabricator of LPG equipment.

We must point out our large experience and expertise of our team. During the past years, Plimont has secured the leading position in the LPG system business in Macedonia, which is a result of the improved trust of our clients, the constant investing in order to enhance the quality and the introduction of new technologies on the market. Plimont has already played the pioneer role of introducing the LPG system in Macedonia and the new technologies that are introduced on the world market you can expect to find exclusively in Plimont.




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