Plinmont provides a logistical support for all car services which are in the LPG devices and installation business and by its associates provides maintenance of the LPG systems across the whole territory of Macedonia.



PLINMONT is the leading company in Republic of Macedonia in the LPG devices business with more than 10 years of experience in the area. Plinmont is the largest supplier of LPG equipment in Macedonia and offers the whole pallet of products and services with top quality, needed for conversion to a gas drive of any vehicle. Besides that, Plinmont provides a logistical support for all car services which are in the LPG devices and installation business and by its associates provides maintenance of the LPG systems across the whole territory of Macedonia.

Plinmont is distributer and authorized service for Landi Renzo which is Italian fabricator of LPG equipment.

We must point out our large experience and expertise of our team. During the past years, Plimont has secured the leading position in the LPG system business in Macedonia, which is a result of the improved trust of our clients, the constant investing in order to enhance the quality and the introduction of new technologies on the market. Plimont has already played the pioneer role of introducing the LPG system in Macedonia and the new technologies that are introduced on the world market you can expect to find exclusively in Plimont.





Plinmont is specialized center for installing LPG devices in your vehicles. We have 12 years of experience in conversion to a gas drive which is a warranty for success and quality in this delicate business.

Plinmont is leader in this field – we own equipment and qualified personal ready to design and install LPG system, optimal for your vehicle, at any time.

For our clients we choose those devices that already are proven as best and most convenient for the conditions in our country depending on their type of vehicle. Every installation of LPG system in our service is carried out according to the highest international standards and with full respect of the current law regulations in Republic of Macedonia.

Our offer for installing LPG systems includes the following brands:

​Landi Renzo

Also LPG equipment from the following manufacturers:


​We are confident that we can offer you very favorable prices and best quality.


How to decide what type of equipment to install in your vehicle and still avoid any trouble and not pay too much?

The most important thing that you should pay attention to is the fabricator of the equipment. It’s not a secret that the best devices are fabricated in Italy and Holland. On the other hand, there are fabricators from Poland and Turkey and some of them achieve quite solid quality. However, the Italian fabricators are dominating Europe. Leaders are: LANDI RENZO, LOVATO, TARTARINI, BRC and so on…

What should you know about the fabricator? First of all, let’s present the main components of the contemporary sequential injection systems.


Injectors have proven to be the most significant part of these devices. The main parameter in their workflow is the time of opening/closing. This time should be as short as possible (3ms).



Most of the larger companies such as Landi Renzo, Lavato, BRC … are fabricators of reductors. Each fabricator has its own recepy.


ECU - Electronic Control Unit

The main role of the ECU is to control the gas injectors. This is extremely complicated process since the ECU must calculate large amount of information including the control signals.



Components of LPG systems

The regulator vaporizes the liquid gas and secures the exact level of gas pressure which comes to the injectors.


This process requires heat. The system uses the fluid that cools the engine for this purpose. The regulator is set to secure pressure which is 0,95 bars higher than the pressure of the sucked air. The nominal speed of flow is 30 kg/hour.

This sensor sends information about the engine’s cooling fluid temperature to the control unit.

The gas filter is located between the reductor and the injectors. It is used to purify the gas stage of the LPG and disables mechanical impurities larger than 80 μm to enter the injectors. The maximal working pressure is 250 kPa. The filter must be replaced according to the specified service intervals.

These components deliver the gas into the engine. Their work is controlled using the signals delivered from the ECU. Injectors are driven by peak and hold type of actuation. Maximal working pressure is 250 kPa.

These components deliver the gas into the engine. Their work is controlled using the signals delivered from the ECU. Injectors are driven by peak and hold type of actuation. Maximal working pressure is 250 kPa.

This computer unit is controlling every operation performed in the system. It receives information from vehicle’s control unit and other sensors and the working model which is used is based on software strategy to determine the optimal values for every working conditions of the engine using the sensors for rotations per minute (RPM), the pressure and the temperature of the LPG and the fluid that cools the engine.

The control unit is controlling the injection of LPG, controls every component of the system, secures information for the driver and in case of irregularities in the switching process commences diagnostics of the LPG system and in emergencies closes the multivalve of the LPG’s tank.

With the commutator the driver can choose LPG or gasoline drive. Two LED diodes are indicating which type of fuel is being used – the green one for LPG, the yellow one for gasoline. The commutator has LED diodes which indicate the level of LPG. Also there is sound signal which is turned on when the system automatically switches to gasoline drive due to detected very low pressure of the LPG or due to system error.

The charger is one way valve that allows filling of the tank. To fill the tank you just have to put the filling gun, which depending on the country might require additional adapter.

The multivalve is located at the LPG’s tank and controls the following functions: charging, limitation of charging to 80%, measuring of the level, income flow of LPG, releasing the LPG for safety reasons or due to overfilling.

LPG tank is located in the vehicles trunk and it is safely fixated to the vehicles structure. There are two types of tanks: cylindrical, which is located in the trunk and circular / toroid is located where the spare wheel should be. Either way, these tanks are made of steel and tested to pressure of 30 bars.

Considering that the normal working pressure is 2 to 15 bars, this is way above normal. Before installation every tank goes thru systematic test which ensures and guarantees high quality and fulfillment of the current safety protocols. Our law doesn’t allows filling the tank to more than 80% in order to ensure safe working conditions of the tank.


1. Carburator systems
2. Mono injection systems (no catalyzer)
3. Multi point injection systems (no catalyzer)
4. Mono injection systems (with catalyzer)
5. Multi point injection systems (with catalyzer)
6. Landi Blue 4
7. Lovato Fast 4
8. Landi Renzo Omegas 4
9. Landi Renzo Omegas 6
10. Landi Renzo Omegas 8
11. Extra chrage for toroid bottle
12. Extra charge for cylindrical bottle over 60 l.


Please contact us for more details.


LPG Advantages

The advantages of the auto gas are too great for you to ignore them, no matter if you own private vehicle, a small business or even large fleet of vehicles.

The growing prices of gasoline and diesel fuel, the increased awareness for clean environment and the need to minimize transportation costs every day are convincing more and more people and companies to convert their cars to gas drive.

Those who have already converted to LPG rarely go back to gasoline. LPG significantly reduces fuel costs (up to 50%), but also:

- Reduces engine stresses, therefore reduces engine maintenance costs;

- Significantly reduces environment pollution because vehicles that use LPG are releasing 15% less CO2 and 80% less NOx;

- LPG vehicles have performances near to those using gasoline, and if using the latest generation of LPG devices the performance is identical.

Frequently Asked Questions About LPG Systems

LPG stands for Liqiufied Petroleum Gas. LPG is a blend of propane and butane gas. The literature can also refer to it as: propane-butane, UNP, GPL, BNG, but the most common expression is auto gas. At this moment the auto gas is the most economic alternate fuel. At the same time it is a fuel that has acceptable behavior considering the environment pollution.

LPG device can be installed in every vehicle on liquefied petroleum drive. There is only a handful of vehicles that can’t support such conversion. The technology that fabricates this gas devices is in constant monitoring of the current car industry, so using the latest generation of devices (devices with sequential injection) it is possible to convert every type of car even those from the latest generations that include common-rail system. One of the advantages of this devices is a very low difference in engine performance (less than 2%).

Using a standard LPG system, loss of horse power is up to 10%, and the loss of speed is up to 5%. If the system is installed properly you won’t even feel a difference. The average consumption of auto gas is a little higher comparing to the consumption of petroleum (about 10%). The most recent devices with sequential injection are showing loss of power and speed less than 2%.

It depends of the size and the type of the gas tank and, of course, of the vehicle’s type. The average loss is 20-30%. There are special kind of tanks that are built inside the space reserved for the spare wheel so the loss of trunk space is zero.

Auto gas devices that are built in today are much safer than the petroleum installation.
Gas tanks are designed and constructed in such manner so they can handle pressure up to six times larger from the one projected for every day exploitation. They are made of steel, 3-4 millimeters thick.
The tank has built in safety valve that disables filling out more than 80% of the tank’s volume, so the gas inside is enabled to expand when the temperature is very high. And for the car accident case: the gas tank can withstand much more pressure than the vehicle itself.
The vaporizer is constructed is such manner that can conduct gas only when the engine is running.
All manufacturers of LPG devices and gear must obey the strict international standards (67R-01; 67R-00) for quality and safety of the products. This means that every single part of the system has passed very rigorous procedure (control) to ensure the quality before it can be built within the system.
The quality of the installation of the system is confirmed by examination of the vehicle by a authorized institution. In our country that is: Машински Факултет – Скопје.
​To conclude: when we, as authorized service, are installing equipment that is fabricated by trusted fabricators, controlled by international institution, and finally attested by authorized institution there is no reason for questioning the vehicle’s safety.

Because of the characteristics, LPG has favorable effects to the engine:

- The engine is quieter
- The life span is prolonged for 30%
- Complete combustion of the mixture of gas and air so there is no loss of fuel
- Enhanced durability of engine’s oil
​- There is no corrosion (which occurs because of the petroleum’s additives)
- Twice as long life span of the catalisator
- Clearer exhausts gases.

LPG devices are primarily divided into:

- Vacuum, for vehicles which’s engines are equipped with carburetors
- Electronic, for vehicles which’s engines are equipped with injection systems (mono or full)
- Sequential, , for vehicles which’s engines are equipped with injection systems (full injection).

The standard electronic devices have lower price than sequential, but weaker performance and larger consumption of fuel. A certain disadvantage of the electronic devices is that there is the possibility of feedback detonation, i.e. combustion of the gas in the suction tube instead of the cylinders of the engine. This can occur because of number of reasons and can be harmful for the engine.
Using the latest generation of devices (sequential) this kind of detonation will not occur. There for there isn’t possibility of engine damage. The only disadvantage is their higher price.

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