The main role of the ECU is to control the gas injectors. This is extremely complicated process since the ECU must calculate large amount of information including the control signals. Actually, the whole system depends on the work of the ECU - all the parameters during the programming of the system are inputted using the ECU.

One of the most famous fabricators that works with special orders from other companies is the Italian AEB.
Most of the companies like Landi Renzo, Lovato and Tartarini are fabricating these devices on their own. Of course, the ECU work is based on the software that the ECU owns, i.e. software’s adjustability and ability to response to the daily challenges which the system constantly encounters.

From our experience we can tell you that Landi Renzo’s OMEGAS software has proven to be very stable and efficient.

When choosing a fabricator of LPG system, choose the brand that already has proven to be durable and compatible with the specific conditions in our traffic and our gasoline quality. Make sure that these devices are distributed by proven fabricators which guarantee supplies with spare parts in long terms and that truly respect the warranty deadline. Otherwise, you might find yourself in situation where you might experience great deal of inconvenience for the smallest type of problem such as searching spare parts in foreign countries or nonexistence of servicers that would successfully remove the problem.

Another important issue is the configuration of the system according to your needs and the vehicle’s type, which means choosing the gas devices and the type and capacity of the gas tank. In this case, you’ll need help from experienced professional to give you the right advice.
Not always less expensive type of device or larger gas tank is the thing that you need!