Injectors have proven to be the most significant part of these devices. The main parameter in their workflow is the time of opening/closing. This time should be as short as possible (3ms).

The purpose of the gas injectors is to achieve identical work of the engine as if petroleum is being used. Therefore it is very important to choose a type of injectors with performance as close as possible to the petroleum injectors.
The injectors can be distinguished by their construction, by their capacity and by the time of opening/closing. There are specialized fabricators of gas injectors such as: Keihin Group, Valtek S.P.A., Matrix S.P.A Automotive division...

There are fabricators of LPG equipment that don’t buy injectors from another company, but makes the injectors on their own. This is much better option, since these injectors are constructed corresponding to the characteristics of the reductor, ECU and the other components of the system. Typical example of this kind of fabricator is Landi Renzo with its brand OMEGAS, which injectors make the system superior in performance compared to the system from the other fabricators.